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Tomas Palider

Full-Stack Web Developer

25 July 1993

IČO: 08374767



Nette, Latte, Composer, PHPUnit, PHPStan


Express, Mocha, npm, modules


jQuery, Google Maps API, Leaflet, Mapbox GL, AJAX, WebSocket


MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, MSSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, database design, procedures


Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Font Awesome, LESS, responsive design, CSS sprites


GIT, Python, Nginx, Scrapy, Telegram Bot API, Raspberry Pi, JSON Schema, RabbitMQ, Docker, Linux server management, OAuth 2, OOP, Code review, BASH


Czech (native speaker)
English (B2)

About me

Tech enthusiast and freelancer from the Ostrava region who moved to Prague to study right after high school.

My area of interest are web technologies focused on backend languages like PHP or Node.js. In my free time, I'm constantly working on several small projects which are constantly pushing my knowledge straight up, just check my Github. I’m focusing on good readability and universal solutions instead of some MacGyvering, to be proud of my commits.

When away from the keyboard, my love is playing the location-based games Ingress and Geocaching which both are keeping me walking outside around cities all over the world. I also enjoy escape-rooms, solving ciphers and puzzles and mostly attending cipher-related competitions, especially in combination with car driving.


2022 - now PHP developer MyQ
  Development of award-winning managed print solution MyQ X. PHP, Firebird, MSSQL.
2019 - 2022 PHP and Python developer Č
  Development of website and it's background applications. PHP (Nette), Postgre SQL, Python.
2017 - 2019 PHP developer StringData s. r. o.
  Development and administration of large scale banking applications. PHP (Nette), Oracle SQL, MSSQL, communicating with clients.
2015 - 2017 PHP developer CTECH s. r. o.
  Development of real-estate management tool. PHP (Nette), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js


2014 - 2015 University University of Economics, Prague
  Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Applied Informatics
2013 - 2014 University Czech Technical University in Prague
  Faculty of Information Technology, Informatics
2009 - 2013 High school Business academy with focus on IT, Orlová
  Matura exam in Physics, Informatics, English and Czech language

References Personal website built with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Javascript (source code) Same as above but for my father, Ladislav Palider (Github) Another curriculum vitae (source code)
pldrGallery Very advanced version of minPHPgallery rewritten in Node.js (source code)
Better Location Tool for processing various of location formats also integrated as Telegram bot (source code)
AreYouGreenBot Multilanguage Telegram bot to manage members in Ingress communities

I have also developed many other mostly private projects such as php-template, single pages Pavlov sobě and, Ingress profile image generator, anonymous Pastebin alternative, Raspberry projects such as car infotainment or autonomous network timelapse camera, tools for managing my own cloud network and other apps between multiple physical locations, realtime parsing and filtering emails, custom monitoring, PHP API wrappers (, Glympse) and much more.